Insalata Salmone

Salad with marinated salmon and lemon vinaigrette

Kr 75,-

Insalata caprese

Tomato salad with mozzarella cheese, onions, basil an balsam dressing

kr  59,-

Zuppa alla Mulligatawny

Curry soup with chicken breast slices and peppers                           

kr 69,-


Garlic bread with sundried tomatoes and basil                                 

kr  39,-                                    

Starter from the menu

kr 65,-



Petto di faraona                       

Fried guinea fowl breast with portwine mustard sauce

Kr 165,-

Bistecca al funghi

Tenderloin Steak with roasted mushrooms in a  creamy pepper- cognac sauce           

kr 239,-

Il pesce

Fried hake, vegetable sautè, lemon butter sauce

Kr 169,-  

Melanzane / Vegetarian

Gratinated eggplant with mozzarella in tomatoe sauce, served with rösti

Kr 95,-                   

Main course from menu

kr 175,-

- we serve today's potatoes and seasonal vegetables for all main courses -



Farfalle con pollo

Slices of chicken breast fillet, peas, mushrooms, creamy gorgonzola sauce

Kr 89,-

Polpette alla Calabrese                                

Pasta with meatballs, eggplant, peppers and spicy tomatoe sauce

Kr 92,-

Spaghetti agli scampi                                                

w/King prawns, garlic and chili, tomato cream sauce

Kr 132,-

Spaghetti vegetarian

Vegetarian pasta with squash, peppers, olives, capers and tomatoe sauce

Kr 75,-

Bucatini al tonno

Tuna, anchovy fillets, capers, onions, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad

Kr 109,-

Spaghetti Carbonara

Bacon, onions, cream and egg

Kr 72,-




Vanilla and pistachio ice cream scoops, whipped cream, raspberry sauce

Kr 69,-


Italian layer cake with mascarpone, liquer and cocoa

Kr 72,-

Dolce mela

Stewed apples, almond cookies and vanilla cream

Kr 59,-


Assortment of cheese, salted cookies and chutney

Kr 69,-

Menu`s dessert                                                          

kr 65,-

Caffé italiensk/ with Amaretto                                       

kr 52,-






VEGETARIANA                                            kr 70,-

tomatoes and mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms, onions

GORGONZOLA                                             kr 85,-

gorgonzola cheese, ham, onions

CALZONE   FARCITA                                  kr 80,-

folded pizza with spaghetti and Bolognese sauce

PARMA E RUCOLA                                       kr 90,-

Italian ham, rocket salad

RUSTICA                                                        kr 90,-

slices of beef, bacon, pepperoni, garlic, chili

TONNO                                                            kr 80,-

tuna, onions and olives

ROMA                                                               kr 80,-

slices og chicken breast, bacon, mushrooms



-All Pizzas are served with tomato sauce, cheese & oregano-

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